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     Golden Eagle is one of the leading producers of asphalt products in the region, and one of the leading innovators in the manufacturing process. With two asphalt plants in Uniontown, one plant in Washington County and one in Greene County, Golden Eagle has the flexibility and versatility to produce and deliver what you need, when you need it.


     The Uniontown facilities, which produce nearly 8,000 tons per day, are unique. One plant, a 3-ton facility, specializes solely in specialized mixes while the other plant, is dedicated to production. While the smaller plant can, literally, handle custom mixes by the truckload, the larger plant is rated to produce 500 tons per hour and can load a dump truck in one minute. Our asphalt drum mix plant and six 300-ton storage silos provide faster load-out service.


     Golden Eagle produces asphalt mixes for all projects. From superpave to driveways and highways, we will put you on the path to success with the right asphalt products. All of Golden Eagle’s asphalt products are continually tested by certified technicians for quality and uniformity, and we strive every day to exceed all environmental standards. As we look ahead to tomorrow’s challenges, we are looking to the future. Our goal is to pave a path to tomorrow by paving today’s highways. 


Golden Eagle Asphalt

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